Commit to You 2021 discussion group

Commit to You 2021 30 day Programme
Do something different this year. Spend time looking after yourself and appreciating how great you are and worthy of your attention. Do the course at your own pace and level. This course is designed for all levels and abilities. You get back what you put in to yourself, however much that is.
Log in daily to see your video for the day.
Supported with goal setting support to make the course individual for you.
4 weekly themes based on your body systems; the digestive, nervous, muscular skeletal systems and hormonal balance.
2 Workouts weekly, a short one and a long one.
Nutrition goal for the week based on the weekly theme, no restrictive diet plans or calorie counting
4 mindfulness sessions (one per week)
4 EFT tapping sessions (one per week)
2 Self care tips weekly based on the weekly themes
Lots of downloadable content, worksheets and recipes
Support group to keep you motivated and accountable
Finish with a review and support to keep taking steps forward beyond the 30 days.
Feel great about spending time looking after yourself, however big or small the changes are, you will have moved forward.

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