How Does Ear Acupunture Help Me?

Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to the role of the ear as a tool for the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and treatment of disease. The oldest Chinese medical text, the Neijing written between 500-300 BC even establishes a connection between the ear and the organs via the acupuncture meridian system. In Chinese Medicine, your health depends on the flow of qi and blood in your body. This energy travels along meridians. Meridian pathways travel all over the body, including to the ears. Stimulating ear points communicates with the meridians to help clear up any qi blockages. Resolving these blockages can help improve and prevent a variety of health conditions.

In the 1950’s the West devised a system of auricular medicine and ear acupuncture (also known as auriculotherapy) has been widely used in addition to whole body acupuncture treatments since the 1980’s.



It involves the painless insertion of tiny needles into various points in the ear. Hundreds of acupuncture points in the ear correspond to just about every organ and system in the body. Stimulating specific points to help the body begin to heal itself. Like in reflexology for the feet and face, it is believed that the ear serves as a microsystem of the entire body. The nerves from the ear connect with reflex centres in the brain. These neurological pathways are thought to then send messages to the spinal cord and the part of the body being targeted. The ear is also richly supplied with blood vessels. Auriculotherapy improves blood flow to the peripherals, circulating more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. And just like in full body acupuncture treatments, endorphins and enkephalins (our natural painkillers/ “feel good” hormones) are elevated after auricular treatments.

You sit in a chair in your treatment and you can have this while discussing your nutritional needs or with Bach Flower Remedies and meditation or Reiki. After your session you may also have ear seeds inserted into some of the points. Ear seeds
are normally seeds or tiny magnetic stainless steel balls stuck to the ear with a little tape. They are a safe and effective tool for stimulating acupressure points in your
ear after you leave your treatment. They are a great way to
extend the benefits of your acupuncture treatment when at home.

You could choose to have the Ear seeds in your ear instead of the needles if you dont want to have them in your ear:

Ear acupuncture involves the gentle placement of tiny, disposable needles into specific sites in each ear. These really thin needles are even smaller than those used for body acupuncture. The needles remain in the ear for the duration of the acupuncture treatment.

Ear seeds are a completely non-invasive technique and activate the ear points by simply applying pressure to the acupuncture points. These tiny, stick-on seeds to some of the therapeutic ear points can be worn for longer periods of time, extending the threatment beyond the time you are in your session.

Ear acupuncture is particularly great at treating many types of addictions – for everything from drugs to smoking, eating disorders & other blocking behavioural patterns. But the power of ear acupuncture goes far beyond just treating behaviors. Used to treat swelling and pain, from labour to post surgical, chronic nerve pain like siatica and fibromyalgia to acute injury. Also seen to help support hormone balance and is used to support diabetes, thyroid imbalances, adrenal fatigue as well as fertility and also pre and post natal health and menopausal symptoms. There are also points for acupressure that can be used on the ear for babies and children of all ages. By supporting your organs and body systems you can support the heart, lungs, digestive and immune systems as well as nervous system and skin conditions. Ear acupuncture can be safely used alongside other treatments and is often seen offered alongside cancer treatment and other long term illnesses.

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