The Good Health circle are holding their annual Interntional Women’s Event at The Kinsale Health Hub this year from 6-9pm on Wednesday 8th March.

Talks in Room 1

Sport has always been a huge part of Siobhan’s life, she has passion and knowledge to help her to  empower you. She is keen to help you to live your healthiest, strongest life. With a diverse sporting background in horse riding, hockey, athletics and rugby she then found her love of Triathlon. She worked hard to increase her skill set, later on in life, to be able to compete in ironman competitions and is proud to have represented Ireland at the Europeans and World Championships over the past 5 years.  She has a strong scientific background , and this helps her to get the most our of all of your training sessions. “Train smart” is something you will hear her say a lot. 

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Supporting our girls to navigate their transitional time naturally and with ease. Puberty actually begins at the age of 8 and can continue well into our 20’s. By helping to support the balance within themselves both physically and emotionally is key to them feeling and acting kinder to their bodies. Help them to understand their changes and facilitate their needs with simple natural nutrition tips, herbal advice and bacterial balance. Plus some simple breathwork to help everybody to navigate this time together.

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How to fuel for vitality and health in our active stressful days?

Catriona is a freelance Registered Sports Nutritionist MSc. BSc.,SENr. ,  mother of 4 (2 teenage girls and 2 boys 9 & 11) based in Riverstick. She combines her busy nutrition practice and home life with a love to run on trails and encouraging women to discover the joys of nature supported with foods that feed the body and mind. 
She loves helping others fuel for peak performance through behaviour changes and habit formation developing a kind relationship with food and body with Intuitive and mindful eating.  
As a female masters athlete in her 50’s she has taken deep dives into female physiology and nutrition so that she can better serve her clients that are navigating midlife and menopause.
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Talks in Room 2

Make your own oil to support your Hormone/Sleep Imbalance
In the big world of hormones, women often wonder if they will ever feel normal again, as we go through menopause, symptoms such as mood swings, hot flushes, and insomnia, to only name a few are often a daily occurrence.  This is very stressful, which puts your body taking a back seat to fight or flight survival responses. 
This workshop gives you the opportunity to explore essential oils, blend, learn some basic reflexology points,  take home your blend, and use your blend daily to gain maximum support for your body
Essential oils can be your golden ticket to bridging the gap from imbalance to balance.  While essential oils are not hormones and don’t function as such, they do influence and control hormones to help the body heal itself.
Self Care in Early Motherhood That Actually Works!
Are you a new mother, an expecting mum or a supping a new mother? Rebecca Reddin will share how to care for yourself well during pregnancy and the postnatal period with tools that actually work to help new mums feel rested, well cared for and able to be their best parenting self! 

Learn about how the things we can do for our health and hormonal health are also the same actions that support our planets health. We will keep things simple and discuss food, plastics and chemicals in the home. You will be given a reflection exercise to do yourself at home to look at where you would like to prioritise changes.

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