Menopause Workshop

Ladies,  the rekindling of the Womans Circle is long overdue.  I don’t wish to hark on the fact that we have lived in a patriarchal society, and adapted to his ways, for far too long but that is the truth.     
It is now the divine right of us Women to reunite, as they did back in ancient times, where our great great grandmothers would meet on a monthly basis or possibly more often, usually around the time of the full moon or new moon and discuss the needs of the group.   These needs were primarily of a female nature.   Women of all ages would be included and the circle would be led by
an elder of the group, the Crone, or the Wise Woman as she might have been known. 
Menopause is such a time where we can re-introduce these circles.  Where a group of women can safely meet and discuss matters close to our hearts.   Discuss the changes that are naturally occurring  in our bodies.  Discuss the options that are available to us.  Discuss how it is time to slow down and notice what is taking place whether we like it or not.   
By slowing down and trusting our own inner wisdom/ intuition we can sometimes find the journey through all the stages of menopause much more doable.  
Menopause may be the end of our fertile phase in life, however, it is a transition to a world that can offer so much more once we know how to manage our symptoms, celebrate the wisdom acquired along the way and feel confident to share how best we can do this.   
For too many years, menopause has been held as taboo in our society.  I feel like its almost our duty, as wise women in our families, to start these discussions and ensure that nobody forgets again how important this is for us and for the generations of women along the line.   Also, how are we discussing this with our menfolk?  Husband, sons?  Its all part of our process.  
“The Menopause Workshop” will be Space in which we do this.    
So, what is involved? 
To begin, some easy mindfulness techniques, to calm the mind
Leading into;
Womans Circle or Discussion time, where we share and listen to each other regarding all aspects of our menopause journey.  I will also share resources that I have gathered along the way with you all.
Leading into;
Practice of Gentle Yoga – this will be about 45 mins to an hour.  Slow and subtle, accessible to all. You will finally understand how yoga can benefit us hugely without having to be upside down or super-flexible. 
And finally;
A long and luxurious Guided Meditation – this will be about 20/25 mins.   Where many find it difficult to access a quiet place when they meditate alone, it can be very calming to the nervous system to be guided into a deep state of relaxation. That is what Yoga Nidra actually is, it translates as “Yoga Sleep”, the purest most relaxing state your body and mind can access for a short period of time. 
Come Join us Sunday 13 June @ 2pm – 4.30pm on Zoom.  

Check out our collaborator Claire Booth

Come Join us Sunday 13 June @ 2pm - 4.30pm on Zoom. To book your spot please contact Claire directly on 087 464 3148. To find out more about Claire Booth have a look at our collaborators page.

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