Artist of the Month- June 2021

Why is a wellbeing centre holding artist of the month you ask? The arts play a very valuable role in mental health and therfore overall wellbeing. Your reaction to art may help us to boost confidence, make us more engaged and in the moment and more resilient. Benefits recognised while being engaged in art (whether the engagement is postive or negative) are that you may experience a reduction in  anxiety, depression and may relieve symptoms of stress. Art and creativity can be very powerful and should be a part or all wellbeing programs! Plus it brightens up the space and welcomes you in.

We are very pleased to introduce you to our local artist in Kinsale, Nyall Farrell ( He moved to Kinsale a few years ago and has been inspired by the nature and landscapes around him.

“I’m interested in looking in my paintings at those special places where the land meets the sea and the ways in which we are both drawn to and yet fear the sea and the power it has to erode all our efforts to create structures on that frontier“

Kinsale Health Hub currently is showing 6 of his pieces in his exhibition called Frontiers. All of the art will be on display throughout the month of June 2021 and is available to buy. Come and have a look at Kinsale Health Hub, Unit 7 Kinsale Commercial Park, Kinsale, co. Cork, P17D820 Ireland.


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