Refresh Room/Mask Spray 100ml


A refreshing room spray that can also be used as a face mask refresher and hand sanitiser. Made by infusing crystals in water, essential oils and Bach Flower Remedies. Refresh your space and mind to feel cleansed and re-newed.

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Re-Fresh, this refreshing and brightening room spray blend combines citrus scents such as lime and sweet orange, combined with Pepperment, Sweet Marjoram and Rosemary. Combined with cleansing and refreshing Bach Flower Remedies of Oak, Crab Apple and Larch. This room spray is also made with water infused with amythst crystals to help RE-Fresh you back to your best. This blend is designed to cleanse and refresh your space, your face mask and even as a hand or surface sanitiser.

DIRECTIONS: Gently shake the bottle, spray the mist 2-3 times into the air just in front of you or above your head, walk through the gentle fragrance. Otherwise, use it to spray your face mask, hands or surfaces in your room to allow the Bach Flowers, crystal essence and essential oils transform and refresh the space you are in. Great to also use in your home, car, workspace, kids rooms, or classroom. A wonderful, simple and effective way to promote a shift in your environment and to surround yourself with refreshing scents.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Alcohol, essential oils (Citrus Aurantrum Dulcis, Originum majorana, citrus aurantifolia, Rosmarinus and Menthapiperita) Bach Flower Remedies (water alcohol, Oak, Larch and Crab Apple). Crystal fragments added to water, then removed.


Keep away from naked flame and direct sunlight. Do not ingest

Ask your practitioner before using in pregnancy or for infants under 1 years old.


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